Legal Updates, October 2016

Charter schools have greater autonomy than district schools and are therefore free from most state and local laws affecting district schools. However, charters must follow the laws outlined in the CharterSchools Act as well as federal laws …

Legal Brief, January 2017

In this update, we will look at three cases that: examine changes to labor law governing charters, a judicial review of authorizers’ non-renewal decisions, and a constitutional challenge to the funding system for New York’s charter schools.

Legal Brief, September 2017

Receiving an offer of “adequate” space under the 2014 Facilities Access Legislation

Legal Brief, November 2019

Charters Operating UPK with Operational Freedom from NYC DOE

Legislative Priorities, 2020

Charter schools in New York City are underfunded in comparison to district schools. The Governor’s one-time $24.9 million appropriation for charter schools in NYC is a step in the right direction …