What the Charter Bill Does (Pt. 4): Helping English Language Learners

This is the fourth post about what’s actually in the much-discussed New York State charter schools bill (S.7678/A.10928). Read about the raising the cap in Pt. 1, improving transparency in Pt. 2, and providing special education in Pt. 3.

As momentum builds for, as supporter Bill Clinton put it, “lifting the lid” on charter school in New York State, it’s a good time to wrap up our series of posts on the highlights of the bill passed by the Senate.

Effectively educating English Language Learners (ELLs) is an important job for any urban public school, and for charter schools it starts with the task of attracting and enrolling them.

(As James Merriman blogged this week, it must not end at enrollment—for any type of public school.)

Have charter schools enrolled enough ELL students?