The Reviews Are In


We packed the house in Brooklyn last night for the Charter Center’s screening of “The Lottery”.† More than 200 peopleó charter school educators, parents, and some interested citizensó watched the film with us. Here are a few reviews:

”It’s revolutionary because there’s no film like it out there. All educators should see it whether they work in a private, public, or charter school because it reminds us of the need for educational equity at all levels in this country.”

Courtney Lawsing
Works in education

”As a parent who went through this process, I really identified with the experiences in the film. It’s something everyone should see. There are alternatives out there and it’s heartbreaking that they’re not available to everyone.”

Steve Frankel
Charter school parent

”If you see this film, it’s hard to make a case against creating more and better options for our kids.”

Yvette Wilds,
Principal, Brooklyn Dreams Academy (opening Fall 2010)