New York State Authorizers Accept 48 New Letters of Intent for Charter School Proposals

The State University of New York Charter School Institute (SUNY) and New York State Department (SED) have accepted 48 Letters of Intent to start charter schools in the fall 2013. The 48 new entrants have been given a green light to submit full proposals by February 29, 2012 in order to open charter schools in the fall of 2013. Out of the total 48 proposed schools, 34 are planned for New York City. The remaining 14 charter schools are planned for New York State in Longwood, Buffalo, Cairo-Durham, Middletown, Oswego and Rochester, Utica, Schenectady, Poughkeepsie, Yonkers, East Ramapo and Riverhead.

This year, the authorizers are implementing two applications rounds in February and June. We expect the same amount or more applications in the second round as many applicant teams are taking extra planning time or re-applying.

In this round, the authorizers received 9 applications from charter management organizations (CMOs). It appears that there will be more requests from CMOs in June. The CMOs included 6 Success Academy Charter Schools planned for Manhattan and Brooklyn; 1 application from Explore Envision Charter School; and 2 applications from Citizens of the World Charter Schools – all three planned for Brooklyn. The majority of applications submitted were for independent charter schools for all five boroughs, totaling 25 for New York City. These schools included 2 high schools, 12 middle schools/high schools (5-12), 10 elementary/middle schools (K-8), and 1 K-12 school.

Within the applicant pool, there is a diverse set of models and grade configurations, which cover all five boroughs. Both SUNY and SED also received letters of intent from applicants who have applied before and have been either denied or withdrawn in the past.