Lobby Day in the News


In a Daily News Op-Ed this morning, charter school parent (and Lobby Day emcee) Valerie Babb* has strong words for state lawmakers: ”We’re tired of seeing our kids treated like second-class students when it comes to funding.”

More accounts of yesterday’s events:

Gotham Schools: “Hundred of parents of charter school students from all over the city climbed into buses bound for Albany in the pre-dawn hours this morning.”

Times Union: “The annual rally, which included representatives from 86 schools, was about three times the size of last year’s, and comes at a time when the charter school debate has stalled in the Legislature.”

NY Post: “The rowdy throng of charter supporters marched on the Senate chamber to demand a meeting with Sen. Bill Perkins (D-Manhattan), who emerged last month as one of the most vocal opponents to Paterson’s failed bid to expand charter schools statewide.”

Finally, more TV news coverage from WBRG. For the record: reporter Steve Flamisch found a cute angle in that story, but charter school supporters haven’t forgotten a thing. We’re hoping the Governor gives us reasons to keep cheering.

UPDATED to add a photo of (part of) the Lobby Day crowd. Credit: John Smock

*Valerie is director of the Charter Parent Advocacy Network, a new group incubating at the Charter Center.