Lobby Day Highlights

Yesterday’s rally in Albany sent a big, loud, proud message about the importance of public charter schools. Among the highlights:

-Thousands of charter school parents, students, teachers, and younger siblings pouring into Convention Hall with caps, shirts, banners, and pre-planned chants.

-An overriding tone of pride and respectful concern ñ some well-directed boos notwithstanding.

-Gov. Paterson telling the story of how he changed his mind about charter schools.

-Love from the crowd for lawmakers who have consistently stood up for charter schools, among them Assemblymen Michael Benjamin and Sam Hoyt, and Senator Craig Johnson.

-Senator Martin Golden, another charter stalwart, leading a borough-check and confirming that Brooklyn was indeed in the house. (Just like Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, BuffaloÖ)

-A cameo appearance by the inspiring and gracious Rev. A.R. Bernard.

-An afternoon of meetings with lawmakers and legislative staff, to put faces with the policy issues.

Here’s how two local television stations covered the event:

More Lobby Day links, photos, and videos coming soonÖ