Data Transparency: “State of the Sector” Report and New Online Dashboards

What choices are charter schools providing? What are their results? Who are their students? And what is the outlook for charter schools’ future? The Charter Center is pleased to release a new report on “The State of the NYC Charter School Sector,” which provides a data-rich look at these critical questions.

Today also marks the launch of the Charter Center’s new online data dashboards, which allow visitors to view information about individual charter schools’ enrollment, achievement, and school culture.

Both the report and the dashboards were developed as part of the Charter Center’s Data Transparency Initiative. They were developed and refined with the guidance of a diverse advisory group of charter school leaders, and with the support of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

“The New York City charter school sector is in a constant state of change as it grows and matures, and while demand for seats is through the roof and performance strong, there is still a debate about the role they’re playing in the larger school system,” said James Merriman, CEO of the New York City Charter School Center. “More transparent data—showing both accomplishments and challenges—will make the conversation about charters more fact-based and more productive.”

Visit our new Data Center to read the report, view the dashboards, and learn more. View the press release here.