Compare and Contrast

”Blowing Up” Public Schools: Palling Around With the Rhetoric of Violence
ñ UFT EdWize headline, 3/4/2010*

”In their crusade to salvage they go for the jugularÖ.Why do they lustfully thrust daggers through the institutions that nurtured educators?… When the “reformers” come gunning for the treasure of our earned mastery and pride, (not to mention our meal tickets), I say they need to be stopped in their tracks. (Historically, partisans in occupied lands knew the feeling.)”
ñ UFT EdWize post, 3/15/2010 (emphases added)

*UPDATE: More from that post, attacking an analogy used by Checker Finn:† “(W)ords have meaning, and the way in which we use and misuse them has an impact on the real world…. rhetorical excess and rhetorical violence… defined the dark side of that decade [the sixties].”