Charters, Unions, and “Big Dollars”

In today’s WSJ, Jacob Gershman reports on how charter school supporters are catching up to the state’s teachers unions when it comes to campaign donations.

“What we’re clearly seeing from so-called reformers is that they’re putting money out there early and clearly threatening to use big dollars against people who don’t toe the line,” [NYSUT president Richard] Iannuzzi said.

Threats, toes, linesÖ sounds pretty bad. So how will the unions be spending their money?

Labor leaders, who are sitting on millions in political cash and have far more manpower, say they are waiting to see if lawmakers block education cuts before they unleash more money and roll out endorsements.

No need to toe any line, of course. But let’s just see how you vote.

On a related note, don’t miss Kim Gittleson’s data-rich rundown of the UFT’s political coffers. (And for the record, charter advocates also oppose education cutsóincluding cuts to charter schools.)