More Progress Reports: 4 A’s, 3 B’s, 1 C and 1 D for Charter High Schools

Yesterday, the NYC Department of Education released its 2011-12 progress reports for high schools. (See our breakdown of the K-8 progress reports.) The reports assign a letter grade to each school, based on student test scores, student progress, attendance, and “learning environment” survey results, all heavily weighted to account for differing student characteristics.

There were 24 charter schools serving high school grade levels in 2011-12, representing 17% of all charter schools that year. Of those 24, only nine have received a progress report this year. A tenth has had reporting delayed by Hurricane Sandy, and the other 14 have yet to reach 12th grade, which means many of the progress report factors (e.g. graduate rates) aren’t available. Among those not receiving grades are charters affiliated with Uncommon Schools, KIPP, Achievement First, and Democracy Prep.*

Charter high schools’ overall grades were four A’s, three B’s, one C, and one D. That’s a higher percentage of A’s than in the city as a whole (44% vs. 33%).

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*High school buildings where different students are formally enrolled in different charter schools affiliated with the same network (e.g. Achievement First Brooklyn High School) are treated as one school for Progress Report purposes. The hurricane-delayed Progress Report is for John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy, which receives progress reports as a transfer high school.