A Community Eager to Learn

Even with a mix of snow and rain in the forecast, nearly 600 parents came out for the first-ever Brooklyn Charter School Fair on Saturday, March 16. The Charter Center put this fair together to give parents the opportunity to speak directly with charter school representatives and learn about their public school options.

Some parents came with infants and toddlers, already thinking about where they’ll be sending their children to kindergarten, hoping to gain an early edge. Other parents came with children already in school to explore options they hadn’t previously thought of. All were determined to find the best public school for their child.

By all accounts, the event was a big success with most of Brooklyn’s charter schools in attendance. The aisles were continuously full of parents speaking with school leaders and staff. They asked about each school’s curriculum and its vision; they were able to pick up a paper application for the school or use the computer station of laptops that the Charter Center provided for access to the Common Online Charter School Application, where they could submit a single form to multiple schools on the spot.

Most importantly, parents left the fair with a greater understanding of what charter schools are. These once unknown educational choices became tangible; they became real. So even though it was a Saturday – there was a lot of learning taking place.