Sample Board Minutes

Meeting minutes are a formal recording of transactions that happened at a particular time and place. Minutes are a record of what was done at the meeting, not what was said by members. What should good minutes look like? Download these sample board meeting minutes to find out what are…

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Board Assessment Tool

This assessment matrix aids in the assessment of a Charter School Board's effectiveness.  Leadership Roles, Board Composition, Meetings and Committees are graded in three levels: Strong, Satisfactory and Weak.

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SPED: Regulations and Procedures

The Regulations of the Commissioner are available online. Part 200 is the law regulating special education in New York State. The Standard Operating Procedures Manual is a how-to guide explaining the entire special education referral, evaluation, and placement process in New York City. The NYC DOE Protocols for SPED in Charter Schools were developed by the Office…

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MLL/ELL Identification Process

In today's diverse educational landscape, catering to the diverse needs of students is paramount. Among these needs, supporting Multilingual Learners (MLL) or English Language Learners (MLL/ELL) stands as a crucial priority. These students bring a wealth of cultural backgrounds and languages to the classroom, enriching the learning environment. However, to…

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Developing a Sound School Budget

This presentation from the New York City Charter School Center explains the proper way to prepare a budget for a new charter school. All revenue streams and cost centers are covered in detail. Learn how to be conservative when projecting both revenues and expenses. A sample budget is included.

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Board Positions

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of board members is an important step in effective governance. These resources will help clarify what the board chair and other board members' roles are, and the characteristics to look for in candidates for particular positions. The Board Chairperson is one of the most important…

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Charter Renewal

In addition to hosting regular discussions with the authorizers, the Charter Center has collected these resources and exemplars to assist schools facing the complex project of writing the renewal application and preparing for the renewal evaluation visit. SUNY CSI Renewal Resources, including Handbook, Benchmarks, Application and Recent Renewal Reports at SUNY…

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SPED: CSE and Compliance

The September 2010 presentation Common Coordination Issues, from the Brooklyn Charter School Student Support Agency, addresses common coordination issues facing schools with Special Education students. The first half of the presentation covers the NYC Committee on Special Education (CSE), including the structure and function of the CSE, roles and responsibilities of…

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