NYSTL Purchasing in FAMIS

Each charter school receives a grant for textbooks, library books and software under the New York State Textbook Law (NYSTL). The grant is administered by the NYC DOE, so all purchases with these funds must be processed through the FAMIS purchasing portal. As a result, every school should have at…

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Developing a Sound School Budget

This presentation from the New York City Charter School Center explains the proper way to prepare a budget for a new charter school. All revenue streams and cost centers are covered in detail. Learn how to be conservative when projecting both revenues and expenses. A sample budget is included.

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FUNDING: City Grants for Charter Schools

Each year, the Borough Presidents’ offices and New York City Council members distribute millions of dollars in public funds through discretionary grant programs. Public schools and non-profit organizations use these grants for everything from purchasing new technology and sports equipment to refurbishing playgrounds, science labs and auditoriums. The Charter Center…

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