And Then There Were Twelve

The SUNY Board of Trustees voted today to approve six new charter school applications, leaving SUNY only 12 more charters to issue. SUNY is the only charter school authorizer with spots left under the statewide cap, and it has already received 22 applications. (There are still dozens more applications in the works, behind those applications in the state’s bulging charter school “pipeline.”)
A hearty congratulations to the prospective schools who have passed this milestone:

True North Genesee Preparatory Charter School (Rochester);
Achievement First Aspire Charter School (Brooklyn);
Boys Preparatory Charter School of New York (Bronx);
East Harlem Tutorial Project Pact Charter School (Harlem);
Explore Excel Charter School (Brooklyn); and
Invictus Preparatory Charter School (Brooklyn).

SUNY has summaries of each prospective school here. If New York wants to attract more top-notch teams to start schools here, it’s time to lift that cap.