The Power of Choices

Character Education, Anti-Bullying, Overcoming Adversity, Team Building, Communication Skills, Positivity Training, Executive Function, Leadership Training, Study Skills for Health and Wellness and to Reduce Stress.

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ASW Consulting Firm

• HR Management • Charter School Management • Education Staff Developer • Media consultant • Job Readiness & Job Placement • Real Estate & Training • Public Relations firm • Notary Services • Educational consultant • Credit counseling service • Business Developer • Business management consultant • Publishing • Event…

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Diana R Williams LLC

Diana leverages her experience to consult for different organizations. With Opportunity Consulting, Diana provides guidance and assistance to Washington, D.C. charter schools to expand and improve their Special Education Departments. Diana works as an advocate with Umoja Collective to prepare and educate families on Special Education systems, processes, and nuances…

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Sibme improves the way educators learn at work, because we build cultures of continuous improvement on our video coaching software. Our Learning Engagement Platform powers teacher development through virtual- and hybrid-coaching, cohort-based professional learning communities, and microcredentials.

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UnmaskEDU, LLC.

At UnmaskEDU, we utilize our experiences in start-up programming, school leadership, and curriculum development to provide strategic guidance to educational organizations, non-profits, and their constituents. We have over ten years of nationwide experience in charter school start-ups, leadership, strategic planning, professional development, and coaching for leaders and teachers.

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Literacy Trust

Literacy Trust provides literacy-focused intervention and capacity-building support for schools, instructors, and families with the goal of creating more fluent, confident readers. Our services include: 1.) Training and Coaching for Intervention Support 2.) Core Literacy Instruction Consulting Services 3.) Literacy-Focused Professional Development Trainings 4.) Family Engagement Support

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Inq-ITS (Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System)

Inq-ITS (Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System) is an online educational environment for science. Inq-ITS puts students in control of their own learning by leading an authentic inquiry experience through our NGSS-aligned virtual labs. As students work, Inq-ITS uses patented algorithms that automatically assess students and generate real-time reports on classroom-wide and student-specific performance…

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