SPED: ATS Special Education Reports

This ATS report manual guides readers through the most common special education reports that schools can run within ATS. OVERVIEW This manual is for veteran and new special education coordinators. It describes how to access information that special education teachers require to best address students’ needs and to ensure compliance…

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SPED: Regulations and Procedures

The Regulations of the Commissioner are available online. Part 200 is the law regulating special education in New York State. The Standard Operating Procedures Manual is a how-to guide explaining the entire special education referral, evaluation, and placement process in New York City. The NYC DOE Protocols for SPED in Charter Schools were developed by the Office…

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SPED: CSE and Compliance

The September 2010 presentation Common Coordination Issues, from the Brooklyn Charter School Student Support Agency, addresses common coordination issues facing schools with Special Education students. The first half of the presentation covers the NYC Committee on Special Education (CSE), including the structure and function of the CSE, roles and responsibilities of…

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ELLS: Best Practices: Home Language Identification Surveys

The Charter Center’s Director of NYC Special Education Collaborative and Inclusive Education Initiatives, Melissa Katz, has laid out best practices to ensure the accuracy of new students’ Home Language Identification Surveys (HLIS). These HLIS are extremely important, as they will help schools determine who qualifies for ELL testing and services.

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