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04/03/24 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

Safety for All Students

Hundreds of schools serving tens of thousands of NYC students have been left out of a program that provides funding to hire school safety agents. Every student should feel safe from violence in and around their schools, and schools should feel equipped to support public health inside the building and public safety outside of their building.

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02/28/23 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

Charter Schools Waiting to Open

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02/13/23 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

2023 Legislative Priorities

We support Governor Hochul’s proposals and recommendations for charter school growth.

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02/13/23 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

Charter School Myths vs. Facts 2023

Charter schools are free public schools that offer high quality education options for families. Governor Hochul’s proposal to simplify the process of siting charter schools is sound policy. By creating one pool of charters under the state’s cap and reissuing charters that have been closed, the State’s Authorizers can ensure qualified educators and community-based groups can open schools in communities with the most need.

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11/01/22 / Published by National Association of Charter School Authorizers

State of Charter Authorizing Report

Authorizing is the most consequential public school governance reform of the past two decades. For the last 20+ years, authorizers have been creating a new landscape, where school autonomy—balanced by fierce accountability and equitable access—could exist and thrive.

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02/15/22 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

Charter School Myths vs. Facts 2022

More than 20 years into New York City’s charter school movement and myths and misinformation about charter schools still abound. The Charter Center sets the facts straight on five of the leading misconceptions plaguing NYC’s charter sector.

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Spring 2020 / Published by Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO)

NY Charter Schools: Remote Instruction During COVID Crisis (spring 2020) – Results For All Authorizers

The survey findings highlighted the charter schools’ unique ability to embrace their responsibility for flexibility and quickly adapt their practices to meet their students’ needs.

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07/01/21 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

Facilities Access Guide

In March 2014, state law was changed to grant a subset of NYC charter schools a statutory right to facilities assistance (Education Law §2853(3)). As this Guide explains below, Charter schools that are new, or adding grade levels, can go through a legally defined process (referred to as “Facilities Access Process” in this Guide) that results in a charter school either receiving co-located space in a school district building; private building space provide at no cost; or funding to cover rental expenses.

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11/12/19 / Published by NewYork City Charter School Center

Charter School Accountability & Oversight

Originally proposed by then UFT President Al Shanker, charter schools were expressly designed to operate independently of local school districts. The expectation was that – free from centralized authority, employment contracts and uniform curriculums – educators in charter schools would be able to explore and implement different and innovative teaching methods in order to improve student learning and achievement. In exchange for this autonomy, charter schools are held accountable for the success of their students.

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11/01/19 / Published by New York City Charter School Center

NYC Charter School Legal Brief: November 2019

In this legal update, the Charter Center’s General Counsel & Vice President of Legal Policy, explains the outcome and impact of Success Academy’s case to secure charter schools’ operational freedom from the NYC DOE when offering Pre-K.

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