The key to running a great school is the constant imagination and reinvestment of its leader. As you continue to uncover better ways to server your students, we’re standing by to help you achieve your goals and maintain the highest standards for educational excellence.

Introducing Charter Connect:

New professional development and grant opportunities assist charter schools to merge successfully.

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Charter Connect: Strength in Mergers

As New York City’s education landscape continues to evolve, charter schools are considering merging their education corporations to maximize impact. The Charter Center, in partnership with The Peter & Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, is committed to supporting charter mergers, both through professional development seminars as well as grants to assist schools in addressing financial hurdles that have the potential to derail a merger.

Teacher Certification Review

The Charter Center’s Certification Unit provides in-depth technical assistance to ensure that your school complies with all New York State and Federal teacher certification regulations.

Enrollment & Student Recruitment: Common Online Application

Over 20,000 families applied through the application last year, making the Common Online Charter Application the definitive resource for parents interested in applying to NYC charter schools. Whether your school has its own online application or not, we encourage you to take advantage of these benefits.

Recruiting and Hiring Effective Teachers

We provide resources and trainings focusing entirely on hiring instructional staff. Topics covered include teacher certification, recruitment strategies, establishing competency criteria, and developing indicators.

Test Scoring Consortium

For over a decade, the Charter Center’s Consortium has coordinated the scanning and electronic scoring of the statewide exams’ constructed responses for grades 3-8. The supports and added benefit of efficiency offered to participants is unparalleled!

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Governing Board and Leadership Development

The New York City Charter School Center partnered with the SUNY Charter School Institute, the NYSED Charter School Office and the NYC DOE Office of School Design and Charter Partnerships to host a three-part series of events for charter school board members.

Operations Boot Camp

This intensive summer program provides up-to-the-minute systems, compliance and organizational training sessions. Whether you are new in the role, have expanded responsibilities, or are looking for a refresher, this Boot Camp will help ensure your success.

Be in the Know Series

We offer a series of expert-led seminars, panels, and forum discussion covering a wide array of operational, legal, and compliance topics relevant to NYC charter schools. Check out our calendar of events for upcoming offerings.

If you have further questions about operating a charter please contact Sherita Smith, Director of School Supports