Charter schools are committed to serving all students, including those with disabilities. NYC charter schools now enroll students with disabilities in numbers comparable to the district.


charter schools enroll a higher proportion of students with disabilities than the citywide average of 20.1% ¹


of students enrolled in charter schools have disabilities


charter schools featured a preference for students with disabilities in their 2020-21 admissions lottery


growth in enrollment of students with disabilities from 2015-2020

Percent of Students with Disabilities Enrolled in Charter Schools, 2019-20

 Charter  District

Percent of students with disabilities by grade, 2019-20

 Charter District

Source: NYSED IRS Public School Enrollment 2019-20. (Excluding D75. Pre-K not included in Elementary data)

2018-19 Math and ELA PROFICIENCY, students with disabilities

 Charter  District  State

Source: NYSED Public School 3-8 Assessment Data, the most recent data available.

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