When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the Spring of 2020, charter schools found new and innovative ways to continue engaging and connecting with their students and families.

New York charter schools quickly transitioned to some form of remote learning, offering live and asynchronous instruction, one-on-one supports, and adopting new approaches to maximize distance learning.

When faced with imminent building closures, sustaining student learning and engagement became a top priority for NY charter schools.



of NY charter schools had created remote learning plans prior to the March 16, 2020 building closure date.



The average number of days between charter school building closures and the start of remote instruction.

Upgrading and distributing technology was a major focus for charter schools.

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NY charter schools provided devices to students prior to building closure.


of NY charter school teachers possessed the technology needed to continue instruction remotely.

Charter schools adapted their academic content for remote learning, prioritizing student advancement.


of charter schools continued to introduce new content to students.

Charter schools were


more likely to take attendance during remote classes than traditional district schools.

Charter schools successfully adapted IEP supports to a remote-learning environment.

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charter schools successfully adapted special education instruction onan individual or small group basis.


of charter schools successfully adapted in-class support from a learning specialist.

Social-emotional counseling was the most likely non-academic program to be continued or expanded during remote learning.


of NY charter schools expanded or continued social-emotional learning (SEL) programs.

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charter schools provided supports to students not regularly active in school, through home visits, providing wi-fi, and outreach to students’ friends/family.

Charter teachers increased their time spent communicating with and supporting families during this period.


of charter teachers increased their time spent on communicating with families.

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charter teachers increased their office hours during remote learning.

Watch how some of NYC’s charter teachers have been providing remote instruction during the pandemic in our Virtual Thank You to NYC Charter Teachers video.

Source: CREDO. (2020). New York Charter Schools: Remote Instruction During COVID Crisis (Spring 2020) – Results for All Authorizers.


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