Brooklyn is home to 90 charter schools serving more than 50,000 students this school year. In fact, nearly 1 in every 6 public school students in Brooklyn attends a charter school. With almost 90% of Brooklyn’s charter student population made up of students of color, Black and Hispanic students at these charter schools achieve at significantly greater levels than their district counterparts.


of all public school students in Brooklyn attend a charter school




Brooklyn charter schools have been serving students for 10+ years

Black and Hispanic charter school students scored 13.8 and 16.5 percentage points higher, respectively, in ELA and 18.8 and 22.5 percentage points higher in Math, than their district peers in Brooklyn.

 Charter  DOE

Source: NYSED and NYC DOE Publicly Reported Assessment Data, 2021-22.

Brooklyn charter schools serve more than twice the percentage of Black students than their district counterparts.

 Charter  DOE

Source: NYSED and NYC DOE Enrollment/Demographics Data, 2021-22.

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