Charter schools are held strictly accountable for academic performance and for compliance with laws and regulations that protect students and safeguard public dollars.



of charter school applications were approved by NYSED in 2018.

Authorizers approve new charter schools after a rigorous review process. Each year, only a small percentage of teams are approved to open a school.

Authorizers hold charter schools accountable for academic results. Charter schools that fail to meet their academic and/or operational goals may be closed. To date, 25 charter schools have been closed in New York City.

Numerous government agencies hold charter schools accountable for complying with relevant laws and regulations. In addition to the agencies highlighted below, many other agencies regulate specific aspects of charter school operations, from facilities (NYC Department of Buildings) to family medical leave (US Department of Labor).

1 Each charter school has only one authorizer. The three authorizers in New York are the New York State Board of Regents, the State University of New York Board of Trustees, and the Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education. These three authorizers are supported by staff from, respectively, the NYS Education Department, the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, and the NYC Department of Education.

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