Public charter schools are judged by their results: whether or not students are achieving academically and being well prepared for success in college and beyond. Charter schools align to the same New York state standards, and take the same state exams, as other public schools. If a charter school isn’t helping students achieve, it can be closed. NYC charter students receive significant learning gains when compared to their peers in traditional district schools.

2018-19: NYC Charter Students continue solid performance on State Assessments

This year’s results confirm the trend – of many years – that NYC charters are getting strong results for students while continuing to close the proficiency gap.

Overall, charter schools in NYC significantly exceed district proficiency rates in math (59.5% proficient to 42.6% for district students) and in ELA (57.3% proficient to 46.7% for district students).

math & ELA proficiency 2018-19

On average, NYC charter schools provide


additional days of learning in MATH* 

On average, NYC charter schools provide


additional days of learning in ELA* 

*Charter School Performance in New York City, Center for Research on Education Outcomes (October 2017) 

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