We work to ensure public policies support the continued growth, autonomy and quality of the charter sector. The Charter Center monitors and influences education policy at both the city and state levels, promotes transparency through quality research, spearheads public awareness campaigns and supports school leaders’ efforts to engage with their communities.

2019-20 New York State Budget and Charter Schools

New York State’s 2019-20 budget includes several budgetary items and a legislative amendment affecting charter schools in New York City. 


Achievement + Testing

Charter schools align to the same New York state standards and take the same state exams as traditional public schools. NYC’s charters are some of the highest performing in the country. 

Growth + Demand

Public charter schools would not exist, let alone grow and thrive, without demand from families seeking high-quality public school options.


On April 1, 2014, New York State lawmakers approved a package of legislation that changed how New York City charter schools are provided with facilities and/or facilities funding.

Diversity & Inclusion

Charter schools are committed to serving all of NYC’s children, including English Language Learners and students with special needs.


In order to show real alternatives for the larger public school system, charter schools were intended to receive equal public funding: no more and no less than local district schools, on a per-student basis.