OPT Request for Service Procedure

This guide from the NYC DOE's Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) pertains to procedures for requesting services.  Included in this guide are: A List of Forms and Documentation; an Explanation of OPT Criteria; and an Explanation of Charter School Responsibilities.  The OPT Request for Service form is also included.

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NYSTL Purchasing in FAMIS

Each charter school receives a grant for textbooks, library books and software under the New York State Textbook Law (NYSTL). The grant is administered by the NYC DOE, so all purchases with these funds must be processed through the FAMIS purchasing portal. As a result, every school should have at…

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Developing a Sound School Budget

This presentation from the New York City Charter School Center explains the proper way to prepare a budget for a new charter school. All revenue streams and cost centers are covered in detail. Learn how to be conservative when projecting both revenues and expenses. A sample budget is included.

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High School Diploma Information

For High Schools looking to order diplomas, please note that charter schools do not use the NYC DOE diploma. Since the State does not require a particular format, high schools have some options: Order the blank sample attached from the state (only available when ordering Regents exams following the directions…

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ATS Training Video

Welcome to the world of ATS! This training video is a great one-stop resource for the most useful ATS functions and reports. It covers the basics. Note: If you still need an ATS account, or to request one for a new staff member at your school, complete this form and email…

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The Pupil Accounting Handbook

The NYC DOE handbook on Pupil Accounting for charter schools. Introduction: Introduction to Pupil Accounting; organizational tree of the Pupil Personnel Services Network. Admitting Students: admitting and registering students, including sample documents and examples of required forms. Annual School Census Reports: preparing the annual school census. Attendance: using the form…

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Board Positions

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of board members is an important step in effective governance. These resources will help clarify what the board chair and other board members' roles are, and the characteristics to look for in candidates for particular positions. The Board Chairperson is one of the most important…

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Charter Renewal

In addition to hosting regular discussions with the authorizers, the Charter Center has collected these resources and exemplars to assist schools facing the complex project of writing the renewal application and preparing for the renewal evaluation visit. SUNY CSI Renewal Resources, including Handbook, Benchmarks, Application and Recent Renewal Reports at SUNY…

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